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  • Introduction
    • Avalon Hill Dune Book Case Game
    • Parker Brothers’ Dune
    • Chronicles of the Imperium

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Avalon Hill Dune Book Case Game

“A sought-after bookcase board game adaptation of Frank Herbert’s DUNE.”

Frank Herbert’s DUNE“Space Civilization Power Struggle Game” — was published by Avalon Hill Game Company in 1979. It was designed by Future Pastimes (which is also known for creating the Cosmic Encounter board game).

BoardGameGeek page for Dune. This page includes extensive information about the initial Dune game release, and references in magazines. There are also pages for two expansions (Spice Harvest and The Duel).

In 1993, Descartes published a licensed French edition, which integrated the Avalon Hill Dune game and both expansions (Spice Harvest and The Duel), plus three new houses that were published as a Landsraad variant in Avalon Hills’ GENERAL and HEROES magazines. BoardGameGeek has an extensive image gallery for this edition.

For details on the Landsraad variants, see “The Landsraad Manuever,” by Kenneth Burke in GENERAL (Avalon Hill; Volume 26, Number 1).

Contents Include:

  • Instruction manual with basic game rules, optional rules, and advanced game rules.
  • Map board.
  • 6 playing shields, each with a different faction – Atreides, Bene Gesserit, Emperor, Fremen, Guild, and Harkonnen.
  • 30 large discs (2″ – 5 per faction).
  • Small tokens (½” – 20 per faction).
  • 2 Battle Wheels.
  • Deck of 33 Treachery Cards.
  • Deck of 25 Spice Cards.
  • 60 Spice Tokens (½” – numbered 1, 2, or 4) to count spice.
  • Storm Marker.
  • Storm movement markers (numbered 1 through 6).
  • Player Aid Pad with reference lists of factions, key characters, and card types.

Avalon Hill issued two game supplements for DuneSpice Harvest and The Duel.

Complete sets of these three games often sell on eBay for over $100 each (as of mid-2018).

The Dune game was also issued with an alternative cover design featuring Sting as Feyd Rautha. It often sells on eBay for closer to $200.

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Parker Brothers Dune

DUNE. “Relive The Legend. Fulfill the Prophecy.”

Vintage game No. 0451 from Parker Brothers, 1994.

“He who controls the Spice, controls the Universe!” ~ Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

  • UPC 073000004514.
  • Ages: 10 and up.
  • Number of players: 2 to 4.

From the back of the game box:

DUNE. Relive The Legend. Fulfill The Prophecy.

Enter the world of DUNE. A world of power. Conflict. Intrigue. A place where mere survival becomes a complex struggle.

With every move, you’re forced to employ skill and imagination in this multi-faceted adventure game.

You will rely on strength and strategy to eliminate enemy characters. You will arm your warriors with incredible weapons and mysterious powers. You will gather coveted Spice with the aid of your Harvesters … all while guarding against the destructive sand storms and devouring sand worms that plague this desert planet.

Can you meet Dune’s extraordinary challenges? Will you master its savage forces and emerge triumphantly as the planet’s sole rule?

Your fate is about to unfold. Prepare yourself to relive the legend … to fulfill the prophecy!


Game board

12 Dune character cards

  • 3 yellow (House Corrino) – Emperor, Princess Irulan, Warrior
  • 3 red (House Atreides) – Duke Leto, Paul, Gurney
  • 3 green (House Harkonnen) – The Baron, Feyd, “Beast”
  • 3 blue (Fremen) – Dr. Kynes, Stilgar, Chani

12 character discs and movers [tire-shaped cap]

52 Kanly and Equipment cards

12 character strength clips

24 Harvesters

70 Spice pieces

Six 6-sided dice

Six 8-sided dice

1 game play guide card [8.5″ x 5.5″]

1 Dune Adventure Game instruction booklet [16 pages]

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Chronicles of the Imperium

For description of this hard-to-find Dune RPG, see the RPGGeek page on Chronicles of the Imperium. (Last Unicorn Games, Inc.; Limited Edition edition; 2000). ISBN 9780786920051. There is additional information at Amazon.

It has become extremely rare to find a copy for sale, and on eBay, bidding often starts at $400 or more (as of late 2018), and outright purchase cost for a copy can be over $1,000. I don’t have a copy, and haven’t ever seen more than images of the covers on some of the eBay auctions.

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