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Comics Production Details

Dune: The Official Comics Adaptation of the Spectacular New Film! The comic adaptation of the David Lynch Dune movie was issued in three forms:

  • A single-volume comic book edition, paper cover and stapled. Federal Publishing Company Proprietary Limited
  • A single-volume paperbook edition, paperback book format. Dune: The Official Comic Book, published by Berkley Trade. ISBN 978-0425076323. No more details, as I do not have a copy.
  • A three-issue limited comic book series. Marvel Comics Group.

Single-volume comic book edition (FPC: Federal Publishing Company Proprietary Limited; 1984). Comic copyright and production details on the front inside cover. Dune film copyright and main production crew details on front inside cover. Main production crew list repeated on the back inside cover, along with 22 of the major roles and those who played them. Complete story in a single volume, dimensions 8-1/8″ x 10-7/8″.

  • Scripter/Adapted by Ralph Macchio.
  • Art by Bill Sienkiewicz.
  • Colored by Christie Scheele.
  • Lettered by Joe Rosen.
  • Cover by Bill Sienkiewicz.
  • Edited by Bob Budiansky.
  • Editor in Chief Jim Shooter.

Three-issue limited comic book series (Marvel Comics Group; April, May, and June 1985). Comic book dimensions 6-5/8″ x 10-1/8″. The production team listed is the same as for the single-volume comic book, except for the colorists.

  • Colorists: Michael Higgins (#1, #2) and Pat DeFalco (#3).

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Marvel Three-Issue Series

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FPC Single Issue Edition

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