• Concept Art (Various Sources)
  • The Illustrated Dune
  • Omni Magazine
  • Siudmak Dune Exhibition Catalog

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Concept Art (Various Sources)

There is abundant concept art for the Dune saga. Examples can be found at links on the pages for:

The 1984 Dune movie Extended Edition Prologue shows a combination of concept art, and color illustrations adapted from lobby cards, photographs, or film frames. Also, see the booklet, The Filming of a Masterpiece, available in some of the international special or collector editions.

The SyFy mini-series (see the galleries in the DVD set, and The Secrets of Frank Herbert’s Dune book).

Jodorowsky’s Dune (throughout the documentary and in some of the special features, including examples of prints by Giger).

Additional images by Giger are available in books and art prints.

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The Illustrated Dune

The Illustrated Dune, by Frank Herbert, with artwork by John Schoenherr (Berkley Windhover Edition; August 1978). ISBN 9780425038918. Dune copyrighted 1965; and cover and interior artwork copyright by John Schoenherr, 1977, 1978.

Illustrations include both black and white drawings (which appear regularly throughout three books within the book of Dune, about one every four or five chapters), and full-color pages (which appear periodically). There are no illustrations in the Appendices, other than the map of Arrakis by Dorothy deFontaine.

Black and White Drawings

There are no captions on these drawings. Descriptions are my own, based on the context on the facing page, and in some case I was unsure of who was depicted.

Book One: DUNE

  • Page 6, The Lady Jessica and Paul Atreides meet with Mother Gaius Helen Mohium.
  • Page 21, Baron Harkonnen and Piter de Vries.
  • Page 34, Gurney Halleck.
  • Page 56, The Shadout Mapes.
  • Page 74, The Lady Jessica in the conservatory, where she finds Margot Lady Fenring’s message.
  • Page 94, Stilgar, at his first meeting with Duke Leto.
  • Page 106, Duke Leto and the Atreides hawk.
  • Page 114, Duke Leto and Paul Atreides meet at the ‘thopter with Dr. Kynes, who checks their stillsuits.
  • Page 127, The ornithopters escape the worm, while the crawler gets swallowed.
  • Page 133, Duncan Idaho. (? The man depicted does not have black curly hair.)
  • Page 152, Duke Leto (or perhaps it is Thufir Hawat).
  • Page 164, Yueh tells a drugged Duke Leto about the poisonous tooth.
  • Page 181, Duke Leto, who is bound in chains, is brought to the Baron Harkonnen
  • Page 191, Paul and the Lady Jessica by a ‘thopter.

Book Two: MUAD’DIB

  • Page 208, Paul and the Lady Jessica are hunted by ‘thopters with searchlights.
  • Page 218, A bat carries a distrans message from the sietch.
  • Page 231, Paul pilots the ‘thopter in the coriolis storm.
  • Page 246, Paul and Lady Jessica dig their way out of the semi-buried ‘thopter after the storm.
  • Page 268, Paul and Lady Jessica escape the worm by hiding behind the rocks.
  • Page 279, Liet-Kynes perishing in the desert.
  • Page 287, Chani, daughter of Liet.
  • Page 317, Paul/Usul accepts the baliset of Jamis, while he sheds tears in giving moisture to the dead.
  • Page 334, Feyd-Rautha fights a gladiator-slave in the arena for his hundredth kill.
  • Page 355, Lady Jessica meets the memories of Reverend Mother Ramallo, during the spice trance that follows taking the Water of Life.


  • Page 371, The Baron Harkonnen.
  • Page 387, Chani and Paul/Usul, on the sands by their tent, outside the sietch.
  • Page 403, Paul uses a thumper to call forth a worm for his first ride.
  • Page 411, A swarm of smuggler ‘thopters — one of them carrying Gurney Halleck — approaches a low rock ridge.
  • Page 428, Paul with a desert mouse.
  • Page 446, Paul Muad’Dib at the fulcrum, seeing the Now, after taking the Water of Life.
  • Page 450, Paul Muad’Dib peers through a slit in the Shield Wall rim, scoping out the Padishah Emperor’s nine-level metal tent topped with a tall hutment.
  • Page 465, Alia introduces Baron Harkonnen to the Atreides Gom Jabbar.
  • Page 487, Paul defeats Feyd-Rautha in combat.

Color Plates

These pages are printed in full color, with two on one page back-to-back, and inserted between two text pages. Also, they are captioned. Some of Schoenherr’s color images appear in the 1978 Dune calendar.

Book One: DUNE

  • Between pages 88 and 89, Dawn at the Palace of Arrakin // Baron Vladimir Harkonnen

Book Two: MUAD’DIB

  • Between pages 216 and 217, The Sardaukar warriors // The flight through the Shield Wall
  • Between pages 344 and 345, Paul Muad’Dib calling his first sandworm // Stilgar and his men


  • Between pages 472 and 473, Paul administers the oath of the Fedaykin // The defeat of the Sardaukar

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Omni Magazine

Omni, July 1980. Pages ##. Frank Herbert and The Illustrated Dune.

Dune Genesis, article by Frank Herbert. Page 72-74.

Dune, article by Frank Herbert, with pictorial by John Schoenherr. Page 76-83. “Dune. Here the moon is your friend, the sun your enemy.” Includes 10 color paintings. If you compare these Schoenherr painting images in Omni to those found in the 1978 Dune Calendar, some are cropped differently – some are larger, some smaller. The color plate versions in The Illustrated Dune give the complete image.

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Siudmak Dune Exhibition Catalog

Siudmak, Dune Exhibition Catalog (2009). ISBN 9788388155345. Siudmak’s art appears in a Polish illustrated editions of books in the Dune saga. The catalog is 26 pages, with 23 illustrations. Dimensions: 21 x 21 cm (about 8.25 inches). Includes text (in Polish): Wojciech Siudmak – „Dialog ze swiatami Diuny”, Szlachetnosc kreski”, „Swiatowy Projekt Pokoju „Wieczna Miłość””.

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